Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hearing Date Changed

The Railroad Commission hearing on FENCO's application for a permit to build a stationary waste facility outside Saint Jo was originally scheduled for August 25. The date has been changed to October 18-20, in Austin, Texas.

If you haven't done so already, please print and fill out this public comment form for the City of Saint Jo's representatives to present at the hearing. Completed public comment forms can be turned in at Saint Jo City Hall.

FENCO CONTRACTORS GROUP, LLC Tri-State Headquarters, Nocona, Texas

Here are some photos of FENCO's Nocona, Texas, headquarters.

Roundup of August 25 Public Meeting

At the public meeting at the Saint Jo School Auditorium on August 25, FENCO displayed several exhibits during its presentation. These are reproduced here:

- One is a diagram of the liner that FENCO proposes to use to try to prevent leaks from the waste pits into the ground beneath.

- One contains maps of the area, showing the city of Saint Jo and the location of the proposed stationary treatment facility, the location of the Antlers Sand that serves as a recharge zone for the Trinity Aquifer, and a geologic cross section of the area between the proposed site and the town of Saint Jo.

- Another shows a detailed map of the stationary treatment facility site.

- Lastly, there is FENCO's "Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan."


Saint Jo Mayor Tom Weger held a press conference earlier in the afternoon the day of the meeting. Here is the text of Weger's remarks at the press conference.


The Bowie News ran this story about the meeting in its August 29 issue.