Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Birds-Eye View of EOG's Cooke County Frack Sand Mine

Here are a couple of recent aerial photos of EOG's frack sand mine under construction off of FM 373.

This one shows the northwest corner of the sand mine facility. FM 373 runs east-west in the upper portion of the image. Mountain Creek flows past from south to north at the left. The length of the pit closest to the creek in this image is roughly 200 yards; note how close the pit lies to the edge of the creek. The distance from the FM 373 bridge over Mountain Creek to the point where Mountain Creek empties into the Red River is 8,800 feet, a little over a mile and a half. A few pieces of earth moving equipment visible in the bottom of the pit help to give an idea of the scale.

This one is looking south, taken from the opposite side of FM 373 as the previous photo. Mountain Creek is visible at the right-hand edge of the photo, just beyond FM 373. This view shows the large pit seen in the previous photo, as well as the extent of hundreds of acres of bare soil to the south and west of the pit.

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